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How To Add Safelink In Website: Best Examples Of Safelink

Hello freinds, today i am going to show you how to add Safelink in Website.

Just follow some simple steps to add Safelink in your website

There are too many Benifits of using Safelink: You can maintain your bounce rate, You can add ads and monitize your Website

Please take an Backup of your theme first.

Please scroll and Check the below given examples of Safelink. Select one of them and copy the Code/Script of that Safelink which you like.

Safelink without buttons



This is one of the best example of safelink especially made for downloading content providing Websites. App and Movies downloading website is the best example where you can use this safelink.


  • No one can use and copy your download link
  • This safelink do not allow use to copy and use you download link which you provide in your website. This feature works only if you store your files (which you provide to your user to download) in Servers.

  • Specially made for Content/Material downloading type Websites.
  • Code

    // Here Come Your Article
    <center><p style="font-size:16px;">Please wait, starting download in <strong><span id="countdown">15</span> seconds</strong></p>
    <script type="text/javascript">
       const queryString =;
     const Urlparams =  new URLSearchParams(queryString);
    const fileName = Urlparams.get('go');
         // Total seconds to wait
         var seconds = 30;
         function countdown() {
             seconds = seconds - 1;
             if (seconds < 0) {
                 // Download link
                 window.location.href = `${fileName}`;
             } else {
                 // Update remaining seconds
                 document.getElementById("countdown").innerHTML = seconds;
                 // Countdown wait time is 1 second
                 setTimeout("countdown()", 1000);
         // Run countdown function
    // Here Come Your Article


    1. Double tap of code to copy it
    2. Go to your website control panel or dashboard
    3. Go to page section
    4. Create a new page
    5. Give title to page
    6. Recommendations!
      Give title "Safelink" to page which you create

    7. Paste the above given code in page
    8. Publish your page
    9. Check the below link and Replace or Make changes according to given instructions
    10. Note!
      Replace your page link which you create for safelink with Your_Page_link_here and the replace your download link with Your_download_link_here

      Now your download link with safelink is ready. You can use this link in download button for better results

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