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TokowhatsApp premium template for blogger Download free


Name TokowhatsApp
version v1.4
price !free
type premium
Developer Holo themes

paid in free


TokoWhatsApp is a fast loading template, does not use shopping carts, place orders directly in the product page. This template is original TokoWhatsApp from Indonesia sold for 300k RUP. Its original version will be in the form of an order via WhatsApp. I switched to the mail order form for every user.


  • SEO friendly
  • Fast & back to top button
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fully Customizable
  • Responsive template
  • looking good in all devices
  • lables widget
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • Custom 404 page
  • Good looking sharing buttons
  • Ads ready
  • Google rich results
  • Easy to manage everything
  • Awesome landing page
  • Next level product post with multiple tabs
TokowhatsApp instant preview

TokowhatsApp instant preview

How to apply this template on your website/blog:

  1. Open Google/chrome 
  2. Type in search box
  3. Get in the site (
  4. Click on sidebar (navigation menu)
  5. Then click on theme
  6. Copy XML of downloaded template
  7. Then go to edit html and paste it
  8. Done
  9. Don't forget to save your theme

    If you have any problems/quire related to this template then comment please
1 comment

1 comment

  • Admin
    Sat Dec 25, 08:24:00 PM 2021
    Nice Kartavya bhai ❣️